50 Commonly used Luganda  words and their translations

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As any other language, there are words that one would probably need to know (ASAP) for they are commonly used in the day to day daily dialogues. And when it comes to Luganda, the vocabulary is quite large but we can easily pick out the commonly used words out there and their translations.


How are you? – Oli otya?

Weldone – Gyebaleko

You are welcome – Tukwanirizza

Hey/Hy – Nkulamusizza

How is everyone? – Abeeka bali batya?

What is your name? – Erinnya lyo ggwe ani?

Where do you stay? – Obeera wa?

Polite or humble phrases

Please come in – Bambi yingira

May I come in please? – Nsaba kuyingira

Excuse me please – Bambi nsonyiwamu

Sit down please – Bambi tuula wansi

How may I help you – Nkuyambe ntya

Can you help me please? – Nyambako bambi

Help me please – Bambi nnyamba.

May I take some please? – Ntoleko bambi

Could you please extend.. – Nsaba osembereyo

May I borrow your phone? – Njazikaako Ku ssimu yo

Formal addressing

Madam – Nnyabo

Sir – Ssebo

Boss – Mukama wange

Teacher – Musomesa

Nurse/Doctor – Musawo

Engineer – Yinginiya

Journalist – Munnamawulire

Social worker – Nnakyewa

Police man – Musirikale

Soldier – Mujaasi

Chairman – Ssentebe

Priest/Pastor/Sheikh – Mubuulizi/ Seeka

Relative addressing

Mother/ Mum – Maama

Father/ Dad – Taata

Aunt – Senga

Uncle – Kijja

Kizibwe – Cousin

Jajja – Granny

Brother – Muganda wange

Sister – Mwannyinaze

Friend – Mukwano gwange

Other Common Phrases

Good bye – Weeraba

See you later – Naakulaba edda

Ok – Kale

What is the time – Ssaawa mmeka

I love you – Nkwagala

I hate you – Sikaagala

How much is this? – Kino kya mmeka

This is expensive – Kino kya bbeeyi

My name is… – Erinnya nze…

I am thirsty – Ennyonta ennuma

I am hungry – Enjala ennuma

I am from showering – Nva kunaaba

When can I see you – Naakulaba ddi?

Can we be friends? – Tusobola okuba ab’emikwano?

This is town – Kino kibuga

You are beautiful – Oli mulungi

I like that – Ekyo nkyagala

Formal places

School – Essomero

Hospital – Eddwaliro

Police station – Poliisi

Court – Kkooti

Bank – Bbanka

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