Learn Essential Home Phrases in Acholi Language


Come and eat

Bin icam

Go and shower

Citi ilwoke

Thanks for cooking

Apwoyo tedo

Go to bed

Cit i kabutu

Get dressed

Rwuk Bongoni

Lock the door

Low dogola

Stop it


Brush your teeth!

Jwar laki..

Get out of bed

aa ki i kabutu

Are you hurt?


Wash the dishes

Lwok cuwani/Jami

Don’t do that

Pe itim meno

Well done

Wapwoyo tic

Switch on the lights

Yub mac

Lunch is ready

Dek me dyeceng ocek

I don't feel well

Pe atye ka winyo maber

I am hungry

Kec tye kaneka

I'm satisfied(full)


I want some water

Amito pii moo

I'll beat you


Sit down

Bed piny

Wake up

Aa Malo

Go away

Cit cen

This tastes nice(It's delicious)

Eni bile mamit

Hurry up

Tim oyot/Rune

I'm tired


Leave it [warning to someone especially kids]

Wek obedi

Leave me alone[when you don't want to be disturbed]

Weka abed mot

Stand up

a malo

How was school?

Cukul obedo nining?

Make your bed

Yub kabutuni

Come here

Bin Kany

Is there...[honey]?

Tye kunnu

Is there...[honey]?

Kic tye kunnu?

Put on your....[Shoes]

Ruk warni

Remove your....[Shoes]

Kwany warni

Take it back

Dwok Eno cen

Bring it back

Kel Eno kany

Eat your food

Cam deki

Wash your hands

Lwok cingi

Open the door

Yap dogola

Come in

Bin iyiiye

Put it down

Ket piny

Put it up

Ket malo

Pick it up


Go to the toilet

Cit i coron

Go to your bedroom

Cit i ot butuni

Go there

Cit kunnu

Take it back

Dwok cen

Clean your room

Yup oti maleng

Get in the car

Dony i mutaka

Go to sleep

Cit ka nino

The food is delicious

Deke mit

I am going home

An atye kacito gang

Get well soon

Cang oyot

Be careful!


Bring for me_____[soap]




It's hot

Piny lyet

It's cold

Piny Nyic

You will be fine

Ibibedo maber

I ate already (I am full)

An dong acamo

I need to go home

Omyero acit gang

What are you doing?

Itye katimo ngo?

I want to go home

Amito cito gang

What happened?

Ngo ma otime?

Please reduce the volume

Yom cwinya,dwok dwanne

I am sick

Koma lit