Learn Essential Travel Phrases in Acholi Language


What is the best___(such as hotel, restaurant etc)?

Ot wele mene ma ber loyo Kabutu mene ma ber loyo

What is fun to do around here?

Ngo ma timone mit tung Kany?

What do you recommend? (inquiring about food, hotel etc)

Ngo ma itamo ni ???( Waromo camone)

Menu, please

Ning camw doo

What food do you have?

Dek mene ma itye kwede?

Where's the toilet or restroom?

Ka yoke tye kwene?

It was delicious

Obedo mit

Foreigner [In reference to whites]


At the bus/taxi stop

Imutaka/kacungu pa mutaka

Just ahead there

Iayim kenyo

Have a safe journey/trip

Wot maber

How much is the fare?

Wel wot ciling adii?

May I take a picture?

Aromo mako cal?

Can you take us a picture?

Iromo makiwa cal mo?

Where's the bank?

Benke tye kwene?

Is there a bus going to___?

Mutaka moo tye ma cito i....?

How much is it per night?

Kiculu ciling adii pi dyewor acel

Do you have any free rooms?

Wutye ki ot matye nono?

Go faster

Cit oyot

Stop there

Cung kenyo

Don't go there

Pe icit kunnu

I am going to....[the market]

Atye kacito i....(cuk)

Enjoy / Have fun


Call the police!

Lwong abili

Have a nice stay

Bed maber

I am not ready

An pe ayupe

I am ready

An atye atera

I'm coming back

Atye kabino cen

I'm on my way

Atye iyoo kabino

I'm going to eat out

Atye kacito kacam woko

I'll be right back

Abidwogo cen

Please call me

Jal gonna cim

Should I pick you

Aromo gami?

Will you pick me?


Follow me

Lub kora

Have you arrived?

Dong ioo?

Have you been to ____ ? Kampala

Dong icito...... Kampala?

How do I get there?

Atwero oo kunu nining?

How long does it take by car?

Tero Wang cawa adii ki mutaka

I'd like to make a reservation

Amito Cung Kong manok

I'm coming right now

Atye kabino icawani

I'm leaving tomorrow

Atye Ka a diki

When does it arrive?

Awene ma oo kwede

When does it leave?

Awene ma a kwede?

When do we leave?

Awene ma wa a kwede?

Where are you from?

Iaa ki Kwene?

Are you ready?

Itye atera?

Can I have the bill please?

IRomo mina wel Cul ?

What do you have?

Itye ki ngo?

I will come


When are you coming?

Ibibino awene?

How do I get to the train/bus station?

Aromo nongo bus park nining

Can you recommend a good local dish to try?

IRomo Waca dek Acholi mamit me atema?

Can you recommend a good place to stay?

IRomo nyuta Kabedo maber me bedo?

Can you help me with my bags?

IRomo Konya ki bagna?

Go slowly

Cit mot

Can you take me there?

IRomo cwala kunnu?

Is it near?

Tye cok?

Is it far?

Tye bor?

Wait a moment

Kur manok

I am in a hurry

An atye ka rune

I am not in a hurry

An pe atye ka rune