Learn Essential Work Phrases in Acholi Language


What time are we meeting?

Cawa adii ma wabirwate kwede

I don't have money

Ape ki cente

Well done/good job

Wapwoyo tic

How is work?

Tic tye nining?

How much does this cost

Man cente adii

I will pay you ___


I don't have money(bargaining)

Pe atye ki cente

I don't have money(bargaining)

Pe atye ki cente

That's too expensive(bargaining)

Meno wele tek tutwal

Reduce for me(bargaining)


It costs only _______

Welle tye

I am out of work

An ape ka tic

I have to work

Omyero atii

How is business going

Biyacara tye kawot nining?

What do you do?(as in earning a living)

Itimo ngo?

Do you have___?

Itye ki ngo?

Do you have anything cheaper?

Itye ki gin moo ma wele yot?

How is it going?

Tye kawot nining?





Come early tomorrow

Bin odiko con

First take a break(rest)

Kong icam iodiko

Don’t cheat me

Pe ikwala

I'm busy

Tic omaka

I'm not busy

Tic pee

Let me think about it

Wek atam kong

Where do you work?

Itiyo kwene?