Learn Essential Directions Phrases in Ateso Language


Where are you going?

Ayibo ilosijo

Where can I find _____?

Ai bo adumakini eong ....[ATM]?

Does this go to___?

Elosi eroto lo___[Pallisa]

I would like to go to _____

Akoto eong alosit ....

How far is it to _____?

Etia bo alwanis ayi toni ....

Where is the ___?

Ai bo ejai ....[eBank]

Go straight ahead.

Olot ngaren

Turn back./Go back.


Turn left

Ibelokin kediany

Turn right

Ibelokin teten

It's quite a long way


It's quite close


It is this way

Osiep lo

Sorry, I don't know

Itimoi, mam eong ajeni

Sorry, I am not from here

mam eong arai lo ane

I am lost

Awoliorit eong

Where's the police?

Aibo ejai police

Where's the hospital?

Aibo ejai adekis?

Over there