Learn Essential Work Phrases in Ateso Language


What time are we meeting?

Isawan bo idi iriamunor ooni?

I don't have money

Emamete eong ikapun

Well done/good job

yoga aswam

How is work?

Biai bo aswam?

How much does this cost

Isirigin bo idi?

I will pay you ___

Atacakini eong ijo...

I don't have money(bargaining)

Mam ete eong ekapun

That's too expensive(bargaining)

Epolo ebeyi

Reduce for me(bargaining)


I am out of work

Emame eong aswam

I have to work

Ejai eong aswam

How is business going

Biai bo aisubusa

What do you do?(as in earning a living)

Inyo bo isomai ijo

Do you have___?

Ijatatar ijo ___